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If You Need Warehouse Space, Consider Self Storage in Lawton Instead

No matter how small or simple they may be, all businesses need space. From an Etsy seller hawking crafts online to a manufacturing hub supplying an entire industry all over the map, businesses of all types have inventory, equipment, and supplies that need to be stored somewhere.

Sure, you can keep them at “the office”—whether that’s your home office or some commercial real estate that you rent or own—but space at home and at the office sometimes comes at a premium. If you’re looking for a little extra space for your business, look to self storage in Lawton first. Here’s why:

  1. Self Storage is a Benefit to ANY Business – Big or small, straightforward or complicated, businesses of all types can benefit from self storage in Lawton. Some types of businesses that can benefit are obvious. For example, construction, landscaping, and other contract businesses can store tools and supplies and even take advantage of vehicle storage for work trucks and equipment. But every type of business has stuff, and that stuff can always find a home away from home in self storage. Even e-commerce businesses and restaurants have inventory, supplies, and furniture to store!
  2. Self Storage Units are Cheaper than Warehouse Space – When it comes to storing business supplies, inventory, equipment, office furniture, and more, many businesses think of commercial warehouse space first. However, warehouses can be as small as the size of a room or as large as an entire building. Maybe your business doesn’t need that much space. Even if it does, a commercial warehouse usually costs more per square foot than self storage, because your money goes toward maintaining that whole building. Instead of paying for that, you could put that money toward advertising and growing your company.
  3. Speaking of Growth, Self Storage is Scalable – Rather than renting out a whole warehouse, you simply start with the smallest self storage space you think you’ll need. You can always add more space or scale your space down in the future. Plus, if your business is growing or moving to a new location, self storage is a great way to house stuff during the transition. Some businesses have different storage needs at different times of year or during different years. Speaking of that:
  4. There are No Long-term Contracts with Self Storage – Renting warehouse space (let alone commercial office space) can often come with a lengthy contract period. Break your contract, and you’re out a significant amount of money. With a month-to-month self storage lease, however, you can upgrade or downgrade your self storage space at any time with no penalty!
  5. Self Storage is Secure – Self storage units are locked (bring your own padlocks or buy them from us), and gate access to the entire facility is restricted to those who have the access code. The premises are protected by gates, fences, walls, 24/7 video surveillance, and on-site managers, to name just a few of the security measures that help keep your stuff safe in self storage. It’s much better than shared warehouse space, that’s for sure.
  6. Self Storage Affords You More Access – All that security also grants you more access. With warehouse storage, you may have to call ahead to get your stuff. But thanks to 24/7 gate access, your self storage units are always available to you, day or night. You may not be using that piece of office equipment right now, but who knows what tomorrow might bring? You never know when you might need that old file.
  7. You Can Shop Around for Self Storage – When you get right down to it, there aren’t too many commercial warehouse spaces for rent in a given area. But there are quite a few self storage facilities close by. Of course, we’d love to have your business at any of our eight Storage ‘R’ Us locations in Oklahoma, but with self storage, you’re free to shop around and find the storage space that’s the perfect fit for your business!
  8. Self Storage Offers Your Business More Help – Sure, you can get to your stuff in self storage 24/7 without ever talking to a soul, but when you do need help, self storage also offers friendly on-site staff and management who can answer all your questions. Plus, we sell packing and storage supplies, and we have trucks and dollies available for your use.
  9. Self Storage is Climate Controlled – Well, it can be, anyway. If you’re storing office equipment or paperwork that may be susceptible to high or low humidity or changes in temperature from one season to the next, climate controlled self storage can help keep it all safe and sound. After all, here in Oklahoma, the weather sure does change. Even if warehouse space is air conditioned, that’s a lot of space to regulate, and temperatures within such a big open area can fluctuate quite a bit.
  10. Self Storage Offers Peace of Mind – When you put your business supplies, inventory, or paperwork in self storage, we’ll work to keep it as safe as we can. For real peace of mind, it’s a good idea to make sure that your stored assets are insured in the event of tornados, floods, or other natural disasters. Fortunately, the friendly staff at your local self storage facility can help with that. 

If your business has just outgrown its current digs or if you just need a little extra space for old files, inventory, or supplies, consider self storage before you go shopping for warehouse space. No business is too small to benefit from a little extra space. If you sell Mary Kay or other products from your home, you can store excess inventory. If you do online fulfillment, you can pack stuff for shipment right in your storage unit. If you plow driveways in the winter, vehicle storage may come in handy.

Whatever your business, we’ve got the storage solutions you need at one of our eight locations across Oklahoma. Storage ‘R’ Us got our start offering self storage in Lawton, and we’ve since expanded to locations in Moore, Duncan, Chickasha, Newcastle, and Norman. We’re a local company with roots in the community, and we love helping local businesses grow and thrive in Oklahoma!

Operating a business, especially a small business, can be a day-to-day battle with revenues, profits, competition, market share, brand identity, to name a handful. Each of these battles is related to business operations, success and growth. Growth is important. As they say, “you’re either in business to grow or you’re not going to be in business for long,” so keeping an ever-watchful eye on growth opportunities in the market is a good thing to say the least. But, growth isn’t easy. In fact, it’s one of the most challenging and difficult aspects of business management, something they discuss at length in business schools across the nation. But how does business growth relate to self storage? Read on!

When business consultants speak about growth, they usually talk about challenges related to improving productivity, creating efficiencies, and how to grow revenues and profits. Many of these challenges are related to management and operations, and there have been thousands of books written on the subject, so there’s no lack of practical advice on how to manage business growth given these specific concerns. But, at the same time, business growth is often tied to physical growth. If your business manufactures a product, and demand for the product suddenly goes up, your business will likely need more space to house raw materials. If your business provides a service, such as lawn and garden care, and your client list begins to grow, you may need more space to store tools and other equipment (especially in the off season). And, if your business generates a lot of paperwork, for whatever reason, you may soon find your office filled with boxes and boxes of files. (By the way, we wrote a great article on using self storage as a solution for storing business records last month, so you may want to give that a read.)

In any of these cases, and many more like them, a self storage facility may be able to help you relieve some of the physical pains associated with business growth by providing a secure place to house your records or equipment or other business effects. If you think about it, a self storage facility is a great option for temporary storage needs, given that commercial real estate can be somewhat expensive.

Keep in mind, a proper self-storage unit for a business, such as the ones available at Storage ‘R’ Us in Oklahoma, should come standard with features that help keep your small business storage items safe and secure. The following list includes many of the features you’ll find at Storage ‘R’ Us in Moore, Oklahoma, as well as our other locations.

  • 24-Hour Digitally-Recorded Video Cameras
  • Computer Controlled Safety Property Access
  • Free Use of Moving Equipment on Site
  • Heated and Cooled Storage Units Available
  • Moving Boxes and Related Supplies Available
  • Security-Controlled After-hours Access
  • Well-Lit and Maintained Facilities

It’s also a good idea to insure any property you have in self storage. (We also wrote a great article about insuring your property in self storage a few months ago.) Insuring the property your have in self storage makes good sense, because self storage facilities aren’t liable for loss or damage to stored property.

If you’re looking for a self-storage solution for a small business, feel free to stop by one of our Storage ‘R’ Us self storage locations in Moore, Duncan, Lawton, Newcastle, Norman, or Chickasha, Oklahoma today, and see what our self-storage solutions can do for your company! One of our self-storage experts will be happy to recommend a self-storage unit that affords you the kind of storage you require for all your business storage needs.