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Storing Something Long-Term? A Few Things to Keep in Mind…

For some people, self-storage in Moore is a temporary solution, say during a move or a renovation, while others rent out their self-storage unit for the long haul. It could be that you’ve downsized into a smaller home, or that you’re going to be out of the country for a while. Here in Moore, we provide military self-storage for a lot of families who’re stationed at nearby military bases, and that often involves being deployed to other states or even out of the country for long stretches at a time.

Self-storage in Moore is a great solution for anyone who needs to store something, whether short-term or long, but long-term storage brings its own challenges and considerations that those who’re planning to store something for more than a few months should keep in mind.

When it comes to packing for long-term self-storage in Moore, it’s often advisable to opt for climate controlled self-storage. After all, the longer something is likely to sit in storage, the more time it has to be affected by moisture, humidity, and fluctuations in temperature. Climate controlled self-storage is only part of the equation, though. Packing for long-term storage brings with it special considerations that may not come up if you’re just storing things for a little while.

If your stuff is going to be in storage for the long haul, it’s a good idea to invest in sturdier boxes. At Storage ‘R’ Us, we carry packing supplies for all your storage needs, and our storage experts can suggest the best options for long-term storage. For most items, cardboard boxes are the way to go, especially for long-term storage. While plastic may seem like a better barrier against the elements, it can also act as a trap for moisture, leading to an increased likelihood of mold and mildew.

Once your stuff has been sitting in storage for a few months, it can be easy to forget where you put something when you do finally need it, so clear labeling becomes even more important for long-term storage. Creating a map and keeping it near the entrance of your self-storage unit can make it easy to find what you’re looking for in a hurry, and there are even apps that can help create indexes or print labels for your storage boxes.

When you’re storing something for an extended period of time, logistics beyond packing come into play, especially if you’re going to be out of the area yourself. It’s important to make sure that your monthly rental fees are coming off a reliable credit or debit card, and that the friendly staff at your local self-storage in Moore know how to get in touch with you if something should go wrong. And it’s always a good idea to take out some insurance on anything valuable that you’re keeping in storage, whether short-term or long. Here at Storage ‘R’ Us, the security of your belongings is one of our top priorities, but even we can’t do much to prevent something like a tornado.

A lot of thought goes into getting the most out of a self-storage unit, from knowing how much space you’ll need to figuring out what you want to store in the first place. Here are some tips and tricks from the pros at Storage ‘R’ Us that can help keep your stored items safe, accessible, and in good shape:

  • To climate-control or not to climate-control? One of the main things you’ll want to decide on when you’re picking a self-storage unit is whether you need to spring for climate-controlled self-storage. For many people, climate-controlled storage isn’t necessary, but if you’re storing electronics, collectibles, documents, or anything else that could be damaged by humidity, changes in temperature, or other environmental factors, then spending a little extra for climate-controlled self-storage in Moore is worth the investment.
  • Use the right stuff. When you’re getting ready to move into your storage unit, make sure that you pack all your belongings using the right supplies. Cardboard boxes make great moving and storage containers. Be sure to wrap breakable items in bubble wrap, and pack your boxes completely full in order to avoid items settling over time, or becoming broken when they’re moved around. It’s also a good idea to label any boxes with their contents, so that it’s easy to find what you’re looking for down the road. Don’t have boxes, bubble wrap, or other supplies? Don’t worry. Storage ‘R’ Us sells everything that you need to make your move a success!
  • Let ’em breathe. When you’re packing your storage unit, make sure that you allow for some ventilation. Leave a little space between boxes and walls, and, for optimum results, store boxes elevated a little off the ground, such as on wooden pallets. Some people use plastic containers that seal, but cardboard boxes also work well, as they’re breathable to prevent moisture from being trapped inside. An interesting trick to help prevent moisture from building up in your unit is to put a piece of charcoal in a saucepan. Of course, if you’re storing items that are particularly susceptible to fluctuations of temperature, humidity, or other environmental factors, it’s a good idea to consider climate-controlled self-storage in Moore.
  • Maximize space. While you want your stuff to be able to breathe, you also don’t want to waste any space that you could utilize. Stack boxes with the largest, heaviest, or sturdiest boxes on the bottom. If you’re storing furniture, store items in the drawers. And if you’re storing a lot of smaller items, shelving can help make it easy to access. Remember that maximizing space isn’t just about using as much as you can, it’s also about making sure that the space is used efficiently. Leave aisles between boxes, so that it’s easy for you to get in and find things when you need them.
  • Get insurance. Storage ‘R’ Us makes the safety and security of your stuff our top priority, which is why we protect it with fenced and walled perimeters, gated access, and 24-hour digital video security. But it’s still a good idea to pick up insurance to cover your stored items in the event of a natural disaster or other unavoidable calamity.

Those are just a few of the handy self-storage tips that can help you to make the most of your self-storage unit. For more, check out our monthly self storage tips right here on the Storage ‘R’ Us blog, or follow us on Twitter, where we regularly post additional tips at the #SelfStorageTips hashtag.

Whether it’s college kids moving back home, people moving for work or family, or the usual moves that come with military service, a lot of people move in the summertime. If you’re moving to Moore, Oklahoma this summer, whether it’s into a temporary apartment or into your forever home, here are 10 things to know before you arrive:

  1. We’re a Community! Moore is big enough to boast the amenities that you want, but small enough to feel like your home town. The City of Moore recently partnered with Nextdoor, a free and private social network for neighborhoods. The partnership will help build upon Moore’s community-centric approach, and help residents build better, safer neighborhoods.
  2. A Celebration in the Heartland! Every 4th of July, come by our outdoor festival, try some fair food, let your kids play in the bounce houses or watch them express their creativity in the children’s art tent, enjoy live music, or check out the open car, truck, and motorcycle show. The whole shebang ends with a spectacular fireworks display at dusk on the 4th!
  3. Plenty of Parks! The City of Moore is home to more than 240 acres of park grounds, spread across a dozen city parks. We’re especially proud of our Veterans Memorial Park, which features the Soldiers’ Memorial with carvings done by Oklahoma woodcarving artist Clayton Coss from four large trees that once stood in the park. When the trees died, rather than just cutting them down, it was decided to turn them into a lasting memorial for our soldiers.
  4. Visit Old Town! Though downtown has changed a lot since Moore was founded as part of the land rush of 1889, we’ve tried to preserve some of our history in Old Town, including the Moore Old School, which was once home to all the grades of public school in Moore, and now houses meeting space and offices for several local businesses.
  5. Shop Moore! Don’t worry shopaholics, Moore has plenty of options to keep you covered, especially if you like to buy local. Check out the Showplace Market, a one-of-a-kind shopping experience featuring more than 100 unique vendors from Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas. Or, you can visit the Old Town Farmers Market every Thursday evening and Saturday morning throughout the summer for fresh, local produce, meats, and other fun items!
  6. Enjoy the great outdoors! There are lots of ways to enjoy the great outdoors around Moore, including the nearby Western Cedar Hunting Preserve, offering guided hunting of quail, deer, pheasant, and turkey, to name a few. If fishing is more your style, visit Stanley Draper Lake or check out Lloyd Jennings Striper Guide Service for guided fishing trips!
  7. Theatres, Concerts, and More! Located right off I-35, the Moore Warren Theatre is the ultimate movie-going experience, complete with the largest digital IMAX screen in the world! For live theatre and a delicious homemade dinner, check out the Yellow Rose Dinner Theatre. Moore’s also home to a variety of concerts, including a Summer Nights Music in the Park series Friday nights throughout the summer. You can also catch family-friendly movies in the park, as well as Storytime at Parmele Park, sponsored by the Moore Public Library.
  8. Tee Off! No tour of Moore’s offerings would be complete without a quick mention of our local golf courses. Lakeside Golf Course is a 9-hole course that has been in Moore since 1959, while Broadmoore Golf Course, which was designed by Duffy Martin and opened in 1962, offers 18 holes, a driving range, and golf lessons.
  9. Dining! From fast food to fine dining, home-cooking to contemporary fusion, and everything in-between, Moore offers a wide range of dining options to please even the most refined of taste buds. Whatever you’re hungry for, you can get it in Moore!
  10. Storage ‘R’ Us! Yeah, perhaps we’re a bit guilty of blowing our own horn, but if you’re thinking of moving to Moore, there’s no better place to house your belongings, either until you can get moved in, or well after, than Storage ‘R’ Us! We’re a family-owned business that got our start in nearby Lawton, and we’re proud to provide the best in climate-controlled self-storage to all our neighbors in Moore! We love our city, and want you to love it, too, so stop on by to visit, and we’ll do whatever we can to help.

Whether your stay in Moore is going to be a long one or a short one, we want to make sure that it’s a good one, so come to Storage ‘R’ Us for climate-controlled self-storage in Moore, Oklahoma today!

Maybe you’re considering climate-controlled self-storage in Moore, Oklahoma, but you’re not sure whether you really need climate-controlled self-storage, or whether other “traditional” storage would suffice. You may ask yourself, what is climate-controlled self-storage, and who uses it? Fortunately, both of those questions have fairly simple answers.

Climate-controlled self-storage is, simply put, storage where environmental conditions are kept constant. This means temperature control will keep storage units from getting too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer, but it also means that units are protected against fluctuations in humidity and other environmental conditions that can potentially damage valuables.

So that answers the first part of the question. Now, who can use climate-controlled self-storage? Anybody who has something to store that they want to keep protected! Here are just a few of the kinds of people who find value in climate-controlled self-storage in Moore, Oklahoma:

  • Collectors: Whether you’re collecting coins or comic books, Beanie Babies or baseball cards, anything that you care enough about to collect you obviously care enough about to keep safe. Climate-controlled self-storage can help keep your collection in pristine condition, while also making it easily accessible if you need to add to it, or simply bask in it.
  • Antiquers: Whether you’re in the antique trade, or just an enthusiast, it can be hard to pass up a great deal on an antique sideboard or sewing machine, even if you don’t necessarily have room for it at your house right now. Climate-controlled storage can protect wood, leather, and other materials that might be susceptible to extremes of heat and cold, or fluctuations in humidity.
  • Musicians: When you were younger, maybe you kept your musical instruments in your garage, but for serious musicians, climate-controlled self-storage can be a great place to keep musical instruments safe. Plus, you can store records and cassettes without worrying about them warping over time.
  • Scrapbookers: Scrapbooking is a hobby that keeps getting more and more popular, and dedicated scrapbookers usually have a lot of supplies on hand. Climate-controlled self-storage can keep all your scrapbooking supplies safe and organized. Some scrapbookers even set up workstations in their storage units, so they can just stop by and add something to their latest project. Climate-controlled self-storage is also a great place to keep family photo albums and other heirlooms.
  • Businesses: Businesses have to keep a lot of records on hand, not to mention inventory and supplies. Just about anything made of paper can be susceptible to changes in humidity, so climate-controlled storage can keep your business documents in good shape without taking up a lot of valuable real estate in your home or office. Some businesses, especially those that run primarily online, even use climate-controlled self-storage to store inventory and packing materials to get products ready for shipping.

Those are just a few of the types of people who use climate-controlled self-storage in Moore. Climate-controlled storage is also perfect for electronics, household appliances, clothes, furniture, and much more. Whether you’re storing something valuable, or just something that’s priceless to you, climate-controlled self-storage in Moore, Oklahoma may be just what you need.

While it isn’t exactly a holiday, there’s one date in April no one is likely to forget: April 15th, the deadline for filing your taxes. While many of us may wait until the last possible minute to get all that paperwork sent out to the IRS, we also probably wish we’d made it a point to file earlier, or spent a little more time getting everything in order. After all, the more organized we are, the smoother filing goes, and while doing your taxes or getting them done isn’t something that anybody looks forward to, it’s something that we all have to do. So why not make it as painless as possible?

To that end, here are a couple of facts that you might not know: April is not only Records and Information Management Month, but the 3rd week of April is also Organize Your Files Week. Combined with tax season, that makes April the perfect month to get all your files and other paperwork in order. Do you have a bunch of receipts that you need to organize? Old manuals and warranty information for appliances and other electronics that should be put together? Medical records, paystubs, contracts, or any other important paperwork that needs to be kept safe? Or maybe you’ve got a lot of personal correspondence in the form of letters or postcards, or boxes of family photos that haven’t found their way into albums yet?

If you’re running a small business, especially one out of your home, then that means even more paperwork and an even more complicated tax filing, and so all the more reason to get it all organized and keep it that way.

Whatever form your personal or business paperwork takes, there’s only one thing better than getting it all put in order: Making sure it stays that way. That’s where climate controlled self-storage can help. The IRS recommends that you keep tax returns from previous years for as long as 7 years, while other paperwork and records should be kept for various times ranging from a year to 7 years to even longer. All that paperwork takes up space, and can quickly and easily get scattered in your home or office. A storage unit from Storage ‘R’ Us can give you someplace to keep your old records that’s out of the way, yet easily accessible. Climate controlled self-storage can keep even paperwork and sensitive documents safe and free of moisture or other perils, without the danger of them become damaged or unreadable over time.

You can keep files organized in a filing cabinet inside your storage unit, or if you don’t have a filing cabinet, there are special cardboard filing boxes and expandable folders that can keep paperwork and files in order and neatly labeled without a lot of expense. Whatever method of organization works for you, a climate controlled self-storage unit can make sure that all your important paperwork is where you need it, when you need it, and always at your fingertips.

Self storage in America – where the renter has exclusive access to the unit, locker, container, or outdoor space – dates back to 1958 with a single self storage facility in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The self storage concept was new back then, and if you rented a unit, you got a clean locker at a fenced-in self storage facility close to downtown. But there wasn’t much more to find at a self storage facility at the time.

Fortunately, the self storage industry has grown and changed dramatically over the decades. If you haven’t recently rented a self storage unit to temporarily (or permanently) store your property, you may not be aware that the modern self storage facility – such as Storage ‘R’ Us in Moore, OK – has a great number of amenities and services that go well beyond typical expectations. Obviously, we can’t speak for every self storage facility in the region, but we’re always happy to talk about how self storage in Moore, Oklahoma offers more than just storage.

Boxes and Moving Supplies – Self storage is always better with organization. There’s no need to ask for leftover boxes from your local liquor store when you can buy sturdy boxes on-site. We have tape, markers, and packing material as well.

RV/Boat/Vehicle Storage – If you think it’s time to move that RV or fishing boat from the driveway or the side yard to someplace safe, you can park it on the lot.

Heated and Cooled Self Storage Units – If grandma’s antique Davenport, chesterfield, divan, or chifforobe doesn’t match your décor, yet you worry about how humidity may affect the furniture items, why not store them all in a climate-controlled self storage unit?

Deliveries Accepted – If you’re waiting for a delivery from Amazon.com, eBay, Walmart, Etsy, or Apple, and you don’t want the package sitting on your front porch until you get home from work, you can have it delivered to the office of your Storage ‘R’ Us self storage facility in Moore, Oklahoma.

Computer-controlled Electronic Gate Access – Security is a good thing. We believe in maintaining a good security system for your property. Our Moore, OK location features a computer-controlled electronic gate access system, security lighting, and a fenced/walled perimeter. We also have 24/7 digital video surveillance on the property.

Ground-Level Units – Some folks just don’t like to move their stuff up to the second floor of anything. We totally understand, and that’s why we have ground-level self storage units across the property. Simply back the truck up to the unit and scoot your stuff inside. Easy as that!

Gate Access 24/7 – Because we know that you want to get into your self storage unit whenever you feel the need.

American Flags and Military Ball Caps for Sale – The office at Storage ‘R’ Us in Moore, Oklahoma has a great selection of American flags and military ball caps. Show your support for the country you love!

The Storage ‘R’ Us Moore location office hours are Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm.  The office is also open on Saturday from 9am to 3pm, but closed on Sundays. So, stop by our Storage ‘R’ Us self storage in Moore Oklahoma today, and see what a modern self storage facility can do for you!