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Student Moves: Why Self-Storage in Oklahoma is Your Best Friend This Autumn

Self storage university student Oklahoma

Student Moves: Why Self-Storage in Oklahoma is Your Best Friend This Autumn

As summer winds down and autumn approaches, the campuses at the University of Oklahoma in Norman and Oklahoma State University in Stillwater come alive with students returning for classes. The beginning of a new college semester is always an exciting time, but it also brings the challenge of finding someplace to store all your belongings, especially when space is limited in dorm rooms, shared apartments, and on-campus housing. This is where self-storage in Oklahoma can be a lifesaver for students heading back to classes at OU, OSU, or anyplace else!

The Challenges of Limited Space

Whether you’re a Sooner at the University of Oklahoma or a Cowboy at OSU, dormitory and apartment space can be restrictive. College housing tends to be optimized for fitting the most students into the smallest space, meaning that there may be ample room to study and sleep and keep a few of the basic necessities, but there may not be enough room for much else. Naturally, each roommate or housemate brings various items, and a shared living space can quickly become a maze of stacked boxes, mismatched furniture, and more!

Closet space in particular is always in short supply. Most dorms and shared apartments offer limited amounts of storage, usually only a closet or two along with a few cabinets. With multiple people sharing the space, these storage spots fill up quick. You have your day-to-day clothes and the items you use all the time, of course, but then you also have seasonal things like winter coats and sports equipment. These often take up a lot of space, even though you only use them for part of the year or on special occasions.

With such limited space available, it’s important to make every square inch of it count, and that includes making strategic decisions about what you keep in your dorm room or shared apartment and what you simply need to keep someplace nearby. You’ll want to keep it somewhere you can access it easily when you need it, but where it’ll be out of the way the rest of the time.

Why Self-Storage in Oklahoma is the Solution

Self-storage is a perfect out-of-the-way spot for all the things that you need but don’t have room for. There’s a place for just about anything in Oklahoma self-storage, from your summer and winter clothes to that bike you don’t ride as often as you should, and you’ll know that it’s safe, secure, and easily accessible when you need it. Thanks to our fenced and walled perimeters, gated access, 24/7 monitoring, and more, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your items are in good hands.

For college students, Oklahoma self-storage also offers all the flexibility that your busy schedule requires. You never know when you might need to pick up an extra notebook, your soccer cleats, or a pair of dancing shoes, which is why most storage facilities offer 24/7 access to your belongings. And, of course, the Oklahoma weather is nothing if not unpredictable. Even if you have that winter coat packed away, it’ll be easy to grab if we hit an unexpected cold snap.

Self-storage is also a lifesaver for students who commute to and from school. Even if you don’t live on or near campus, you may need someplace nearby to store things so you have access to them between classes.

Some Tips for Using Self-Storage as a Student in Oklahoma!

As you can see, self-storage in Oklahoma can be a huge boon to college students from Oklahoma State University, the University of Oklahoma, and beyond. But how can you get the most out of your storage space? Not to worry! We’ve assembled a few handy tips to help you maximize your self-storage experience and make heading back to school easy!

Find the Space That’s Right for You: Storage units come in all shapes and sizes. Most college students probably need a smaller unit that’s around 5 feet by 5 feet or maybe 5×10. However, one of the great things about storage units is that they come in various sizes so you can scale up or down as needed. If you find that you’re storing furniture or other household items, you may need a bigger space—and there’s one waiting for you!

Label Everything: Packing is important when it comes to getting the most out of your self-storage experience, and one of the ways to optimize your packing is to make sure that you can find what you’re looking for when you need it again. If you’re in the midst of finals week, you don’t have a lot of extra time to spend digging around in your storage unit for something that you know is in there. Packing carefully and creating labels and even spreadsheets to help you find your stuff is a must.

Prioritize: Think hard about what goes into your storage unit—and also think about where it goes. If it’s something that you won’t need until later in the semester, it can go behind stuff that you’ll need more frequently. If it’s something that you won’t need until next summer, it can go farther back yet.

Share the Space: A great way to keep costs down is to share the space and share the load. Chances are, you already have experience with that from roommates or other shared living arrangements. You and your roommate can also share a storage unit just as easily, or you can split one with another friend on campus. Be sure to make it clear what belongs to whom so there’s no confusion.

Ask About Automatic Payments: College life is hectic, to say the least. From classes and homework to sporting events and social activities, you’ve got a lot going on. With all that on your mind, it can be all too easy to miss a monthly lease payment. Don’t put yourself in that situation; ask your Oklahoma self-storage facility about setting up automatic payments and take one more worry off your mind.

As you head back to classes this fall, there’s so much to do and see, to keep track of and remember. Let self-storage in Oklahoma help you to keep your stuff organized and out of the way so that you can have a great college experience! Whether you’re attending classes at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater or at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, self-storage in Oklahoma is here for you!

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