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What to Pack First When Moving from One Home to Another

Packing Moving self storage in Lawton

What to Pack First When Moving from One Home to Another

Packing well in advance of a move is the best way to make use of your time and ensure that everything goes smoothly. But where should you start? And with what? If you’re not a particularly organized person, packing can be stress-inducing, to say the least. Fortunately, Storage ‘R’ Us self storage in Lawton, Oklahoma has some tips that can help you get started packing so your next move is a snap!

One of the easiest ways to begin is to start in the least-used room of the house. Chances are, nothing in there is anything that you need to access in the weeks or months leading up to your move. That’s not the only reason to start there. An unused room makes a great staging area for the other boxes as you pack and label them!

What to Pack Next!

  • Kitchen items. Sure, you don’t necessarily want to pack the plates and silverware you use every day just yet, but you’ve probably got some good china or various kitchen gadgets and small appliances that you only use on special occasions, and those can definitely go into a box.
  • Anything hanging on the walls. The house may look a little bare without your family photos or artwork, but boxing up these items is a good way to get started packing. Artwork needs to be handled and packed carefully anyway.
  • Stored items in your basement or attic. Anything that’s already boxed up or otherwise put out of the way can go into self storage in Lawton until you’re settled in your new place. You can keep it there even longer if you don’t have room for it in your new home.
  • Décor and knick-knacks. These help to personalize your home, but you won’t be needing to access them in the days leading up to your move. Like artwork, they should be packed with care to ensure that they don’t break.
  • Collector’s items. If your hobby includes a large collection of, well, anything from model trains to sports memorabilia, you can pack all that up in advance, too.
  • Games and toys. If you have kids, chances are the mass of toys and games in the house is considerable. While you’ll want to leave some of their favorites out, of course, there are likely plenty of others that can get packed away before the move.
  • Clothes and shoes. Again, you’ll want to keep out day-to-day wear until closer to the day of the move, but anything at the back of the closet or high on shelves can definitely get packed up early. You can also pack up extra bedding, towels, and pretty much anything else in the linen closet.
  • Books, records, DVDs, and other media. These kinds of things don’t take up a lot of space, but they can be heavy and can take a lot of time to pack. Packing them in advance also gives you an opportunity to select durable boxes or bins that can stand the weight, while taking care of some of the heavy lifting before the move begins.
  • Anything out of season. From Christmas decorations to sports gear, anything that you’re not using right now can be packed for the move well in advance or staged in Lawton self storage until you need it again!

Ultimately, self storage can be more than just a place to put things while you’re getting ready for a move. It can be a staging area where you can get an idea of how much space packed items are going to take up as well as a place to put everything that won’t fit comfortably into your new home.

Whether you need it for your next move or for every day, self storage in Lawton from Storage ‘R’ Us can provide the ideal storage solutions for your home and family.

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