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  • Military Self-Storage Storage

    Relocation is a fact of life for military personnel and their families. Whether you’re dealing with a Permanent Change of Station (PSC) or something more temporary, military self-storage can be a lifesaver when it comes time to move again. As a family-owned business that got its start offering self-storage in Lawton, Storage ‘R’ Us has […]

  • How Climate Controlled Self Storage Benefits Military Personnel and Families

    It’s no secret that military families make frequent moves. Over the years, military personnel and their loved ones get pretty good at moving on short notice, but even experienced movers can use a little help. Military service members and their families in Oklahoma can always benefit from self storage near Fort Sill or wherever they […]

  • Military Self Storage in Lawton Helps Ease the Worry When it Comes to Your Belongings at Home

    Those who serve with the United States military are always on the move—and so are their families! That often means they’re constantly shifting belongings from one place to the next. Most military service members quickly learn how to keep a move light and how to cut down on the amount of unnecessary stuff they own […]

  • Military Packing, Moving, and Self Storage in Lawton Made Easy

    Military Families are on the Move, Always Serving in the U.S. military is one of the most honorable and noble acts that an American citizen can perform. But military service also has its downsides, and for many members of the military and their families, one of these downsides is having to move frequently. While frequent […]

  • Military Self-Storage Near Fort Sill Makes it Easy to Secure Your Belongings

    What to Know About Self-Storage Near Fort Sill and Military Bases The average American may move about once every five years, but military personnel and their families often move much more frequently than average. Sometimes this is the result of base assignments, tours of duty, or even a permanent change of station. Whatever the reason, […]

  • Tips for Long Term Military Self-Storage in Oklahoma

    Constant relocations are a fact of life when it comes to military service. You never know where you may be reassigned, or for how long. While you may be stationed at one of the many military bases near Lawton, Oklahoma, you may also be sent halfway around the world to Europe, the Middle East, or […]

  • Self-Storage Packing Tips for our Friends in the Military

    Since frequent moves are often part of the job when it comes to military service, our friends in the military tend to become experts at packing things, whether they’re planning to take them along on their next permanent change of station (PCS) or keep them in military self-storage in Lawton. Still, it never hurts to […]

  • Military Self-Storage is About Family (Yours and Ours)

    Family is the most important thing there is, and when you’re part of a military family that may be even more true. Military families have to stick together, because the reality of life in the military often means a lot of moving around. In fact, military families move an average of once every 2-3 years—that’s […]

  • A Self-Storage Checklist for the Busy Military Spouse

    When it comes to life in the military, moving is just a part of the package. Military spouses quickly get used to the ins and outs of having to pack up and move across the country or even overseas as part of a deployment or a permanent change of station. While moving may be a […]