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Top EIGHT Security Tips for Your Stored Stuff

Security has been an important part of self storage for as long as the industry has been around. After all, who would want to store their stuff if they didn’t know that it would be safely waiting for them when they needed it again?

The best self storage facilities are always looking for ways to increase security and ensure that customers can expect their belongings to be safe and sound. Here at Storage ‘R’ Us, we’re big believers in security, and we’ve recently added a new security option for our renters in the form of new self storage smart units. But there are also lots of things that you can do to help keep your items safe in self storage!

  1. Invest in a Good Quality Padlock. Most Oklahoma self storage facilities let you choose the lock for your unit’s door. Don’t just grab the cheapest lock available. Look for something solid and reliable that will stand up against bolt cutters.
  2. Keep a Record of What You Have in Storage. Not only is this a good security measure, it makes your storage unit a lot more useful! Make a list of everything that you have in storage. Know where it’s located within your unit. Mark boxes well. Some renters find it helpful to use apps for tracking what’s in boxes or even creating scannable barcodes, while others make maps of their unit’s contents.
  3. Ask About Video Surveillance. The best self storage facilities should offer 24/7 video surveillance of the premises. This does more than keep an eye on the area; the presence of cameras can even deter would-be thieves. Plus, if a crime is committed, video surveillance makes it easy to review footage after the fact.
  4. Good Lighting is Essential. Think about it: If you want to get into your storage unit at night, which is especially likely during the cold winter months when it gets dark early, you’ll want plenty of bright light around the facility. What’s more, good lighting deters thieves by making everything visible.
  5. Gated Access Prevents Unauthorized Access. You want to be able to get to your stuff any time, day or night. But you don’t want unauthorized people wandering around the place. The solution is gated access, which grants entry to tenants and keeps out everyone else when the facility isn’t open.
  6. On-Site Management Keeps an Eye Out. Good management is worth a lot. They answer questions, provide expertise, and help you out when you’re on-site. But they also help to keep an eye on your stuff when you’re not around. Before you choose a self storage unit, chat with the managers at your facility, learn when they’re on-site, and find facilities where you feel comfortable.
  7. Get Storage Insurance. No matter how well-protected your stuff is, there are events that no amount of security can prevent. In the event of a natural disaster, having your stuff insured can help keep you protected, even if your belongings are lost.
  8. Ask About Smart Units. “Smart units” are the latest in self storage security technology, providing an additional level of assurance. A “smart unit” has a monitor that sends a text alert to your phone when it detects motion inside your unit. We’ve recently rolled out “smart units” at several of our self storage locations in Lawton, Duncan, Moore, and Newcastle, with other locations on the way!

At Storage ‘R’ Us, the safety and security of your stored belongings is one of our top priorities, and we offer a range of security features to help give you peace of mind. Visit one of our Oklahoma self storage locations in Lawton, Duncan, Moore, Chickasha, Newcastle, or Norman today and ask about security, storage insurance, or “smart units,” or reserve your self storage unit online.

Here at Storage ‘R’ Us, we believe in always providing our neighbors and customers with the best and most reliable self storage options available. We’ve been offering self storage in Lawton since the early ’70s, and we were one of the first privately owned self storage businesses to offer climate-controlled self storage units, digital video surveillance, 24/7 access, and convenient online reservations and account management options.

Now we’re happy to be one of the first self storage providers in the cities we serve to offer our customers access to “smart units.” What’s a “smart unit”? It’s the latest advance in self storage technology that adds an additional level of convenience, security, and assurance to our customers.

“Smart units” offer self storage renters a new way to keep an eye on their belongings. Each “smart unit” has a small device inside that detects when there is motion in your storage unit. If there is, your smartphone will receive a text alert. It’s a simple as that! Upgrading to a “smart unit” is only an additional $15 per month on top of your normal rental price.

You don’t need an app or a special device. All you need is a smartphone or other mobile device capable of receiving text messages. Worried you’ll miss an alert? You can add a back-up number for an additional person, such as a spouse, co-worker, or family member. You’ll both be notified anytime your unit is accessed by anyone.

Of course, “smart units” are only one of the options we offer to help keep your belongings safe while they’re in self storage. All of our locations offer 24/7 digital video surveillance, not to mention on-site staff, gated access, and fenced and walled perimeters, so that you can store your stuff with peace of mind.

“Smart units” simply offer an added layer of assurance and the “hands-on” feeling that comes with knowing when someone is accessing your storage unit. For homeowners and business owners who use self storage in Lawton, Duncan, Moore, and Newcastle, these new “smart units” help to protect personal belongings and business assets better than ever before. And if you’re a military self storage customer, these units provide a way to keep an eye on your stored belongings, even when you’re deployed half a world away!

Right now, self storage smart units are available at our Storage ‘R’ Us locations in Duncan, Moore, and Newcastle, and at our Gore Boulevard location in Lawton. You can expect them to start showing up at our other two Lawton self storage locations as well as our sites in Norman and Chickasha in the coming months. Stay tuned for updates!

Whether you want to reserve your “smart unit” today or just learn more, give us a call or come by one of our convenient locations offering self storage in Lawton, Duncan, Moore, Chickasha, Newcastle, Norman or surrounding areas. Our friendly staff will be happy to install the “smart unit” monitor today, or order one if they’re out of stock.

If you’re planning a move, you’ve already got a lot on your mind. You need to fill out change of address forms, you have to change your info on all sorts of places online, and then you have to figure out how to pack everything carefully so that it doesn’t break and can be found easily when you get where you’re going.

Here’s a tip from the organization pros at Storage ‘R’ Us self storage in Oklahoma, though: Don’t let the junk that you don’t need follow you to your new home. Here’s a few of the places you’re likely to find stuff you can throw out or donate before you start packing for the big move.

The Closet – We’ve all got stuff in our closet that we never wear: old shoes, clothes that no longer fit, formalwear from previous events, suits and ties, you name it. It may not seem like much on its own, but unworn clothing produces a lot of unnecessary bulk when you’re packing. Consider donating it instead of bringing it with you.

Kitchen Cabinets & Pantry – For starters, throw out everything that’s already past its expiration date. If you’re like most of us, that’s probably a good 25% of what’s in your kitchen. Check the dates, toss anything old, and recycle the boxes and bottles. Next, take a look at kitchen gadgets that you never use, mismatched glasses and cups, and all the plastic containers that don’t have lids anymore.

The Kids’ Rooms – Clothes that they’ve outgrown. Toys they no longer play with. Toys that are absolutely broken. Books they never read. Old school supplies that they no longer use. Homework from years past that is still lying around, taking up space and making a mess. If your kids no longer want it and it doesn’t have any meaning to you, it’s time to let it go.

The Garage & Basement – Here’s where the real fun begins. Think about it. When something doesn’t have a place in the rest of the house anymore, where does it usually end up? The garage or basement. This can include just about anything: Exercise machines that you bought with the best of intentions but never use. Old sporting equipment that hasn’t seen the field in years. Hobby supplies. The leftover stuff from that home remodel you did a few years back. You name it, you may find it in your garage or basement.

Bathroom Cabinets – Honestly, when did you last clean out the bathroom cabinet? It’s a graveyard of old medicine bottles (which should be disposed of properly), those fancy bath soaps that your mother-in-law got you that you never remember to use, old makeup and perfume bottles, nail polish (and remover), shampoo, hand towels, and so on. Get rid of what you’re not using so you don’t have to move it!

Even after you’ve gotten rid of everything that you can get rid of, though, you may still need some extra room at the new house. You want your new home to be a fresh start and free from clutter, after all. For all those things, there’s self storage in Oklahoma from Storage ‘R’ Us! We’ve got locations in Lawton, Moore, Duncan, Chickasha, Newcastle, and Norman. Wherever you’re moving in Oklahoma, we won’t be far away!

Got a new bundle of joy on the way? Congratulations! If you’re the proud parents of a new baby, you’ll find your life changing a lot, whether this is your first child or your fifth. One thing that you can never have enough of with a new baby in the house is space. Fortunately, public storage in Oklahoma can help you make that space, regardless of the size of your home.

Being a new parent means a lot of sleepless nights and a lot of busy days. Luckily, it has never been easier to rent self storage space than it is today. You can even rent online and set up automatic recurring payments that make things easy and stress-free!

Here are some tips to help you get started making a little extra room for your family’s new addition:

1. Choose a self storage unit that meets your needs. You’ll need to think about the basics, such as whether you need a big unit for lots of stuff or a smaller unit for less of it. You’ll also need to consider other factors: Will you need climate-controlled storage for items that can be damaged by environmental extremes? Do you require drive-up access for easy loading and unloading?

2. Carefully select what stays and what goes. Babies bring with them lots of stuff: toys, diaper bags, baby furniture. To help make room for all that stuff, you may want to get rid of some things. Whether that means placing them in Oklahoma public storage or selling or donating them, you should still choose carefully when it comes to what stays and what goes. Think about how often you actually use something and how much you’re likely to use it once the new baby is here.

3. Choose the right container for everything. If small things are going into self storage, they should all go together into a box. Cardboard boxes work, but you should always use new boxes instead of old ones that may be worn or likely to give way. For some items, airtight plastic crates can be even better. You can find moving and packing supplies at Storage ‘R’ Us. Whatever you pack things in, make sure you put the heaviest stuff on the bottom and place containers in your storage unit so that the ones you need to access most frequently are the easiest to get to.

4. Stage stored stuff for easy access. As we were saying, just because you put stuff into storage doesn’t mean you’re never going to get into it. As you’re putting things away, think about how and when you might need to access them again, and store accordingly. Always label all your boxes and keep like items together. And don’t forget to make an aisle so that you can move through your unit safely when you need something.

5. Realize that storage unit contents will rotate. What you put in there today won’t necessarily be what’s in there in six months or a year. Babies grow fast, and as their needs change, you’ll need to store and access different items.

6. Plan to store outgrown clothes and toys. Remember those large plastic bins we mentioned before? They’re perfect for this. Put labels on them showing at what stage in your child’s development they were used. You may want to hang onto some of them as keepsakes, keep some of them for your next kid, or donate the rest to friends, family, or charity.

Whether you need to make some space for your family’s newest member or just want to de-clutter your home, public storage in Oklahoma from Storage ‘R’ Us has lots of options to help you make the most of your space!

Military families stationed near Fort Sill are always looking for self storage in Lawton and the surrounding communities, and we’re always happy to help them find a place to store their stuff and to offer new ways to store it more safely and efficiently!

Whether you’re a military family taking advantage of self storage near Fort Sill during a deployment or any other family in the area just looking to get a little extra space at home, we have some great tips to help you pack like a pro.

First off, you’re always going to be in better self storage shape if you plan ahead. That means making a general plan about what’s going to go where in your storage unit before you start bringing it in or even before you start packing it up! If you need help visualizing your storage space, our handy self storage calculator can give you an idea of how much room you’ll actually need for all your stuff.

  • If you’re going to be storing a lot of cardboard boxes, it’s always a good idea to put raised pallets under them. Keeping boxes up off the floor makes them easier to get into and helps to protect the boxes and their contents.
  • Speaking of protection, it’s a good idea to always keep in mind how you’re going to defend your items against dust, dirt, and moisture.
  • Using plastic bags inside your cardboard boxes can help add another layer of moisture protection.
  • If you’re storing items that may be damaged by the weather, a climate controlled storage unit is probably your best bet.
  • While we just said to use plastic bags inside boxes, don’t use plastic bags without boxes. Boxes are sturdier and provide structure that makes them easier to stack, which means they’ll ultimately take up less space.
  • Be sure you fill your boxes to capacity. A full box is stronger than a partially full one, which may collapse over time. While you want them to be full, however, don’t pack your boxes too heavy.
  • If you have access to them, clear, stackable, airtight plastic boxes are even sturdier and offer better protection than cardboard.
  • However you store your items, always use high-quality packing supplies that are designed for the job at hand, not boxes you already have lying around.
  • Hang clothing items in wardrobe boxes to help them retain their shape.
  • Vacuum-sealed bags can help keep draperies, bedding, and other linens safe while they’re being stored.
  • Leave nothing out. Storage ‘R’ Us has boxes of all sizes for all kinds of items, from lampshades to picture frames.
  • Stacked items aren’t always as easy to get to, so if you have items that you want to access regularly, use shelving inside your storage unit to help maximize space and accessibility.
  • Keep seasonal items and items that you use frequently near the front of your storage unit so they’re easy to reach.
  • Label and number boxes so that you can find what you’re looking for without a lot of fuss. Make sure that labels are on the top and sides of the box. Create a checklist or map of what’s in your storage unit and keep a copy inside the unit, so you can find things when you’re looking for them.

Storage ‘R’ Us has eight convenient locations across southern Oklahoma, with three in Lawton for military self storage near Fort Sill, and we’re always happy to serve those who serve our country, as well as their families, or anyone who is looking for safe, affordable self storage!

It’s not officially winter quite yet, but we’ve already had some pretty wintry weather here in Oklahoma, and there’s more on the way. By now, you’ve probably already started preparing your home and yard for inclement weather. After all, we get our fair share of it here in Lawton: freezing rain, plummeting temperatures, snow and ice. It can all take a toll on the things we own. Fortunately, self storage in Lawton can keep your outside items cozy and safe during the harsh winter months. Here are a few items you should consider storing for the winter:

Patio Furniture. Even if your furniture says that it’s “all weather” or “all season,” it probably wasn’t built to withstand the kind of punishment that an Oklahoma winter can throw at it. A little rain or snow is one thing, but sub-zero temperatures and freezing rain can do a number on outdoor furniture. Because your patio furniture may cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to replace, you’ll be saving yourself a bundle by keeping it out of harm’s way in self storage over the winter.

BBQ Grills and Smokers. If you’re serious about the Oklahoma tradition of grilling and smoking, you’ve probably already invested in a waterproof cover for your BBQ grill. That’s a good start, but it doesn’t protect your investment against moisture from below. To completely protect your grill from the elements, bring it down to Storage ‘R’ Us. After all, that gas grill probably set you back around $500. May as well keep it safe.

Mowers and Garden Supplies. These are probably kept in the garage—or a garden shed, if you’re lucky enough to have one—so they aren’t as likely to be exposed to the elements as some of the other things on this list. But garage space comes at a premium, especially in the cold winter months. If you’d rather be parking your car in there, why not bring those mowers, leaf blowers, and gardening supplies to self storage instead?

Pool Supplies. You’re not going to be using that backyard pool during the cold winter months, but you’ll need someplace to keep all those pool supplies. The pool itself should be drained and covered or packed away to avoid ice damage, something that could result in thousands of dollars of repairs. All your other pool supplies can go into self storage in Lawton.

Boats and Recreational Vehicles. The average cost to maintain a boat is already around $350 per month. There’s no need to pay even more to repair damage caused by snow and ice. A cover can help keep your boat, jet ski, or ATV safe from mild weather, but if moisture gets under it and freezes, you could find yourself with all kinds of damage. Better to turn to vehicle storage during the off season.

Whatever you’re storing this winter, we’ve got a home away from home for it at Storage ‘R’ Us self storage in Lawton, Duncan, Newcastle, Norman, Moore, and Chickasha. Just come see us at any of our convenient locations, and we’ll be happy to help you find the self storage solution that’s perfect for you!

Here at Storage ‘R’ Us, we’re serious about self storage, but we also like to have a little fun, especially around the holidays. This year, we’re getting into the Halloween spirit and pondering what some famous film monsters might have kept in self storage if it had been available to them.

Sure, Oklahoma has its fair share of spooks, critters, and urban legends, including Bigfoot sightings and our very own giant octopus, but unfortunately (or maybe we should say fortunately) none of the famous movie monsters of yore have ever made Oklahoma their home (that we know of), so we can only speculate. Still, we like to think that if they did make it out to our neck of the woods, they’d find self storage pretty useful.

Count Dracula – Dracula seems like a very private type of guy and also someone who needs a lot of storage space. If nothing else, he needs a secure location to keep his coffin filled with his native Transylvanian soil. Even for a strong guy like the Count, getting a coffin full of dirt into a self storage unit isn’t going to be easy, so he might prefer drive-up self storage to the climate controlled variety. Since he can only come and go at night, he’ll appreciate 24/7 gate access.

Frankenstein’s Monster – He may just be misunderstood, but Frankenstein’s monster is still a bit of a loner. A real minimalist, he probably doesn’t have a lot of possessions. While he might want to use climate controlled self storage for some spare parts, storage facilities frown on that sort of thing. He does probably go through a lot of those big boots of his, clomping around the countryside all night, so he might need a place to keep a few extra pairs.

The Wolfman – By day, the Wolfman is a fairly refined gentleman, but under the full moon things are quite different. We figure he must go through an awful lot of suits, transforming like that, and he’d probably like convenient 24/7 access to climate controlled self storage for a change of clothes the morning after an episode. He might also want to use his secure self storage unit to lock himself up before the change, but we have to remind everyone that it’s illegal (and dangerous) to use a self storage unit to lock up people or pets—even lycanthropes—no matter how poorly behaved they may be!

The Mummy – Imhotep was an ancient Egyptian prince, so he probably has a lot of treasure, statues, gold jewelry and trinkets, canopic jars, chairs, paintings, and scrolls—so many scrolls. With all that ancient stuff, he’ll need a lot of space, and climate controlled self storage is an absolute must!

The Invisible Man – The quintessential mad scientist, the Invisible Man has a whole lot of scientific equipment and books that he needs to access at all hours of the day and night, and he also needs a place to store a spare change of clothes and some bandages for when he gets back from his nefarious deeds! He also deals in a lot of weird formulas, too, but he’ll have to store those somewhere else: You’re not allowed to keep dangerous chemicals in your self storage unit, no matter how earth-shattering your experiments may be!

The Hunchback of Notre Dame – Quasimodo, the deformed bell ringer of Notre Dame Cathedral, may need to store anything from a collection of handbells to practice with when he’s not ringing the big cathedral bells to a bunch of T-shirts that don’t fit anyone but him. Though he spends a lot of time alone, he’s also something of a romantic, so he may also have a large collection of romance novels and romcom DVDs, not to mention a few gargoyles that would take up a lot of space in the average apartment.

The Phantom of the Opera – Cultured, talented, and maybe a little homicidal, the Phantom keeps a whole lot of stuff in his secret lair beneath the Opera House. If he decided to relocate, he’d probably need someplace to put everything from sheet music and costumes to musical instruments and theatrical rigging. All of that would require plenty of climate controlled self storage.

The Creature from the Black Lagoon – He makes his home on the Amazon river and may date back millions of years, all the way to the Devonian Age! A guy like that might not seem like he would need a lot of room, but who knows? If the Creature ever gets tired of swimming around and decides to buy a boat like the ones that keep capturing him, he’d need to keep it in boat and vehicle storage during the off season.

Ghosts – Ghosts usually haunt houses, and they probably don’t have a lot of use for self storage, unless they need a place to keep spare sheets and rattling chains when they’re not actively haunting. But sometimes ghosts possess objects, like that creepy Annabelle doll, and when that happens, they might want a nice, safe place to keep that object during their time off. Climate controlled self storage may be just the ticket for possessed dolls, haunted mirrors, and cursed paintings.

The Headless Horseman – We don’t know why, but we just feel like the Headless Horseman probably likes hats. Ironic, right? He may have a big collection of hats that he can’t wait to wear once he gets his head back on. Until that happens, he can find a safe and convenient home for them at Storage ‘R’ Us. Unfortunately, we can’t stable his horse for him. If he wanted to trade in his faithful steed for a motorcycle, however, vehicle storage would be perfect for that!

Your self storage needs may not be as specific as all of these monsters’ needs, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less important. From climate controlled self storage to specialty vehicle storage, Storage ‘R’Us has the storage options you need. We’re happy to help you find the storage solution that’s perfect for you. With 24/7 access, we can work with your schedule, even if it’s nocturnal!

Did you know? The best time of year to declutter and clean out your house is during the summer months. Why? The answer is pretty simple: There are more daylight hours available to you in the summertime.

All those blue skies and an abundance of sunshine put you in a good mood to get things done. Also, this is the time of year when a lot of shops are running specials and sales on everything from household cleaners to storage containers, so you can pick up whatever you need to tackle the job on the cheap.

Once autumn and winter roll around, you’re more likely to spend your free time curled up under blankets in front of the fireplace with a hot mug of cocoa. Summer is the right time to get things done around the house, but you’ve only got a little bit of summer left. It ends September 23!

And now that school is back in session and the kids are out of the house—whether that means they’re gone for the day to elementary school or they’ve gone off to college—you have more time and space to de-clutter without interruption. You can even shoo the pets into the backyard while the weather is nice so you don’t have them underfoot while you’re crawling around under beds and into the depths of closets.

Just remember that all those toys, books, and summer clothes that you’re putting into storage bins aren’t being tossed out with the garbage. You’ll still need someplace to put them. Fortunately, climate controlled self storage in Lawton is here to help you find a place for all those treasures until they’re needed once again. You never know; all those action figures might be worth something someday. Heck, they might even help pay for college!

Here are a few of the things you might be cleaning out of your kids’ rooms this summer and tips on how self storage can help keep your kids’ stuff safe and out of the way.

Summer clothing and sports gear.

A new school year means new school clothes, not to mention whatever fall and winter clothes you’ll be hauling out of storage for the season. That coat almost certainly still fits, right? Of course, you’ll also need to make room in the closet for those new looks. This is also a good time to go through the garage, basement, attic, and closets to find all the summer sports equipment that’s been getting a workout while school was out and get it ready to be packed up until next spring.


Even if you’re the most frugal parent in town, kids end up with a lot of stuff. From board games to toy cars to stuffed animals to art supplies to baby dolls to Legos to action figures, everything takes up space. Plus, there’s always new stuff coming in over the holidays. If it’s time to clear out a few toys and games that aren’t getting as much play as they used to, plastic storage bins are your friend. Just remember to mark them appropriately so that you can retrieve those classic board games with ease the next time your kids want to play.

Art projects, craft items, papers, and assignments from previous school years.

You don’t want to throw away those art projects, report cards, science projects, and papers from previous school years. Someday, you or your kids or their kids will want to look through them, so you need to pack them away carefully. Use airtight containers and climate controlled self storage to help keep all those finger paintings, craft projects, and baking soda volcanoes in good shape. Plus, your kids may have accrued some art supplies that go along with these masterpieces, such as pens, crayons, paint, chalk, papier mâché, and so on. Luckily, all of that can go into climate controlled storage, too.

Books, comics, CDs, DVDs and all other media.

Whether your kid reads a lot, watches a lot of movies, loves video games, is into comic books, or can’t get enough manga, there’s probably a hefty collection of media stacked up on bookcases and entertainment centers around the room. In fact, the collection has probably extended to other rooms in the house as well. There’s no way your kids can watch, read, or play everything they’ve collected, but they probably also don’t want to part with it. Pack it up in climate controlled self storage so that there’s room for a whole new library of books, comics, movies, and games to fill the shelves!

Self storage can help.

No matter how careful you are, there’s always a chance that you’ll pack away something that your kids truly love and can’t do without. You might even pack something that you want to pull out for yourself! That’s the beauty of self storage! No matter what you pack away, you can always get it back out again when you need it, especially if you keep your storage unit neat and organized and label all your boxes clearly.

With climate controlled self storage in Lawton, everything will be within easy reach when you need to retrieve it, but it’ll be out of the way all the rest of the time. Plus, climate controlled storage helps keep fragile items safe from extremes of heat, cold, or humidity so they’ll be as good as new whenever you need them again!

Whatever you need to store this fall, whether it’s summer sports gear and clothes, books and movies, toys and games, or anything else that needs a home away from home, Storage ‘R’ Us has the perfect solution for you! With locations in Lawton, Moore, Duncan, Chickasha, Newscastle, and Norman, Oklahoma, there’s bound to be a Storage ‘R’ Us near you. Whether you’re cleaning out the kids’ rooms this summer or just need a place to put all those holiday decorations until it’s time for them to go up on the house, contact Storage ‘R’ Us today!

No matter how small or simple they may be, all businesses need space. From an Etsy seller hawking crafts online to a manufacturing hub supplying an entire industry all over the map, businesses of all types have inventory, equipment, and supplies that need to be stored somewhere.

Sure, you can keep them at “the office”—whether that’s your home office or some commercial real estate that you rent or own—but space at home and at the office sometimes comes at a premium. If you’re looking for a little extra space for your business, look to self storage in Lawton first. Here’s why:

  1. Self Storage is a Benefit to ANY Business – Big or small, straightforward or complicated, businesses of all types can benefit from self storage in Lawton. Some types of businesses that can benefit are obvious. For example, construction, landscaping, and other contract businesses can store tools and supplies and even take advantage of vehicle storage for work trucks and equipment. But every type of business has stuff, and that stuff can always find a home away from home in self storage. Even e-commerce businesses and restaurants have inventory, supplies, and furniture to store!
  2. Self Storage Units are Cheaper than Warehouse Space – When it comes to storing business supplies, inventory, equipment, office furniture, and more, many businesses think of commercial warehouse space first. However, warehouses can be as small as the size of a room or as large as an entire building. Maybe your business doesn’t need that much space. Even if it does, a commercial warehouse usually costs more per square foot than self storage, because your money goes toward maintaining that whole building. Instead of paying for that, you could put that money toward advertising and growing your company.
  3. Speaking of Growth, Self Storage is Scalable – Rather than renting out a whole warehouse, you simply start with the smallest self storage space you think you’ll need. You can always add more space or scale your space down in the future. Plus, if your business is growing or moving to a new location, self storage is a great way to house stuff during the transition. Some businesses have different storage needs at different times of year or during different years. Speaking of that:
  4. There are No Long-term Contracts with Self Storage – Renting warehouse space (let alone commercial office space) can often come with a lengthy contract period. Break your contract, and you’re out a significant amount of money. With a month-to-month self storage lease, however, you can upgrade or downgrade your self storage space at any time with no penalty!
  5. Self Storage is Secure – Self storage units are locked (bring your own padlocks or buy them from us), and gate access to the entire facility is restricted to those who have the access code. The premises are protected by gates, fences, walls, 24/7 video surveillance, and on-site managers, to name just a few of the security measures that help keep your stuff safe in self storage. It’s much better than shared warehouse space, that’s for sure.
  6. Self Storage Affords You More Access – All that security also grants you more access. With warehouse storage, you may have to call ahead to get your stuff. But thanks to 24/7 gate access, your self storage units are always available to you, day or night. You may not be using that piece of office equipment right now, but who knows what tomorrow might bring? You never know when you might need that old file.
  7. You Can Shop Around for Self Storage – When you get right down to it, there aren’t too many commercial warehouse spaces for rent in a given area. But there are quite a few self storage facilities close by. Of course, we’d love to have your business at any of our eight Storage ‘R’ Us locations in Oklahoma, but with self storage, you’re free to shop around and find the storage space that’s the perfect fit for your business!
  8. Self Storage Offers Your Business More Help – Sure, you can get to your stuff in self storage 24/7 without ever talking to a soul, but when you do need help, self storage also offers friendly on-site staff and management who can answer all your questions. Plus, we sell packing and storage supplies, and we have trucks and dollies available for your use.
  9. Self Storage is Climate Controlled – Well, it can be, anyway. If you’re storing office equipment or paperwork that may be susceptible to high or low humidity or changes in temperature from one season to the next, climate controlled self storage can help keep it all safe and sound. After all, here in Oklahoma, the weather sure does change. Even if warehouse space is air conditioned, that’s a lot of space to regulate, and temperatures within such a big open area can fluctuate quite a bit.
  10. Self Storage Offers Peace of Mind – When you put your business supplies, inventory, or paperwork in self storage, we’ll work to keep it as safe as we can. For real peace of mind, it’s a good idea to make sure that your stored assets are insured in the event of tornados, floods, or other natural disasters. Fortunately, the friendly staff at your local self storage facility can help with that. 

If your business has just outgrown its current digs or if you just need a little extra space for old files, inventory, or supplies, consider self storage before you go shopping for warehouse space. No business is too small to benefit from a little extra space. If you sell Mary Kay or other products from your home, you can store excess inventory. If you do online fulfillment, you can pack stuff for shipment right in your storage unit. If you plow driveways in the winter, vehicle storage may come in handy.

Whatever your business, we’ve got the storage solutions you need at one of our eight locations across Oklahoma. Storage ‘R’ Us got our start offering self storage in Lawton, and we’ve since expanded to locations in Moore, Duncan, Chickasha, Newcastle, and Norman. We’re a local company with roots in the community, and we love helping local businesses grow and thrive in Oklahoma!

College graduation is an exciting time! It’s your first big step on the road to becoming a completely independent person. Part of that independence means picking up all that stuff that’s been chilling back home in your old bedroom or in Mom and Dad’s basement, garage, or attic.

If you’re graduating here in Oklahoma, then chances are you’re an alumnus of one of the many fine colleges around the state such as the University of Oklahoma in Norman, the University of Tulsa, East Central in Ada, or OSU in Stillwater.

You may already have a job lined up after graduation or you may still be looking for work or interning. Whatever your career situation fresh out of college, chances are you’re transitioning from living on campus to your first post-grad home. Maybe it’s an apartment close to where you went to school or maybe it’s a condo, townhouse, or even a house of your own someplace far from where you grew up.

At this stage in your life, you’re probably still renting, but that’s okay! It’s still a place of your own; it’s not the dorms, and it’s not your parents’ house. Even if you have roommates, it’s still a big change. And with that change comes new responsibilities, including taking stock of your things and finding a home for all of them.

Over the last 20-plus years you’ve probably accumulated a fair amount of stuff. Maybe some of it came with you to college while other things stayed back with your folks. Now that you’ve got a place of your own, though, it’s time to give your parents a break and go through all that stuff that you left behind when you went off to school. After all, your parents might have plans for the space that stuff has been taking up.

You’ll probably want to get rid of some of it, but you’ll want to keep some of it, too. It doesn’t always have to make a lot of sense. There’ll be some things that you actually need in your new apartment—kitchen utensils and furniture and all that fun stuff—but there’ll also be things from your past that you want to keep forever because they hold a special value to you.

Other things, though, you probably don’t need to keep holding on to. Are you ever going to actually play that trumpet you had in middle school band? Do all those old trapper keepers from elementary school spark joy, as Marie Kondo would say?

Even once you’ve gotten rid of the things that you no longer want or need, you may still find that you have more stuff than you have room for. Luckily, self storage in Oklahoma can give that extra stuff a home-away-from-home if your new place isn’t big enough to store it all.

Here are a few tips to help you identify what you want to keep, deal with the things that you own, and understand how self storage in Oklahoma can help.

Clothing. We all have tons of clothing, and not all of it is stuff we wear all year-round. Here in Oklahoma, we probably don’t need those long-sleeved shirts and jackets in the summer or those shorts and flip flops in the winter. Luckily, if your new home is short on closet space, self storage can keep seasonal clothing items out of the way until their time comes around again.

Old Schoolwork and Books. You never know when you’ll want to re-read that essay you wrote in freshman comp or when you may want to crack open an old schoolbook to refresh your memory on a particular subject. But all that stuff can really fill up a closet, so why not store it in a climate-controlled self storage unit instead?

Appliances. Maybe your roommate is planning to bring along her own microwave, coffee maker, or other appliances, and you won’t need yours. There’s no reason to put yours out on the curb, though, because you’ll probably need them in your next place. Why not put ’em in storage for later?

College Furniture. Your first post-grad home may not have a guest room, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s time to pitch that dorm room futon. Put it in storage, and don’t forget to use a mattress cover to help protect the mattress. You never know when you might find a use for it.

Sports, Hunting, Golf, or Fishing Gear. We all have our hobbies. While you were in school, all your gear may have occupied a corner of Mom and Dad’s garage, but now that you’re on your own, you want it to be handy when you need it, without cluttering up your new place. Think of self storage in Oklahoma as your “sports locker” away from home.

Holiday Decorations. Maybe you already have a few holiday decorations, and chances are you’ll get more and more as the years go by. But there’s no need to keep all those Draculas and snowmen at home when self storage in Oklahoma is just around the corner.

Media. Don’t play Xbox as often as you did when you were in the dorms? Got a bunch of DVDs you’re not ready to part with just yet, even though you already upgraded to Blu? Put ’em into storage, and they’ll still be there down the road when you’re feeling nostalgic.

Self Storage in Oklahoma is Your Friend! As a family-based business, Storage ‘R’ Us has been providing self storage in Oklahoma since 1972. We’ve helped our kids and grandkids get the most out of their homes and their lives with a little self storage on the side.

Most recent college grads can rent a smaller storage unit around 5×5 or 5×10 to keep the stuff that won’t fit in their first post-grad home. And with 8 locations across Oklahoma, Storage ‘R’ Us is close to many of the colleges in the state.

If you’re looking for a little help finding the storage solution that’s right for you, our knowledgeable staff can answer your questions and point you in the right direction so you can start your new life uncluttered but comforted by the knowledge that your prized possessions are never far away. Just contact Storage ‘R’ Us today or visit one of our convenient locations!