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What Does Santa Claus Keep in Long-Term Self Storage?

Santa Claus and Oklahoma Self Storage

What Does Santa Claus Keep in Long-Term Self Storage?

Did you know that Santa Claus (aka Saint Nicholas or Kris Kringle) has a long history of bringing toys and goodies to kids all over the world that dates all the way back to the third century? We often think of Santa as a fairly modern character, but he’s been with us for quite some time. In the past, we’ve written about the fact that Santa probably uses self storage—especially to park his sleigh during the off season – but for this holiday season, we were wondering what Santa might still have packed away in Oklahoma self storage from years – or even centuries – gone by. Let’s see what we can dream up!

Old Woodworking Tools – That jolly old elf is a woodworker, after all, and while his current setup at the North Pole is probably very modern with all the latest machine tools, those old tools likely have sentimental value and might be in climate-controlled self storage.

Previous Versions of the Sleigh – Who doesn’t want to trade up their old ride for something a little more sporty from time to time? After nearly twenty centuries, Santa has probably gone through a sleigh or two. This new one likely has heated seats and plays his MP3s.

Old Santa Suits – When you have to wear a uniform for work, you always want to have a few extras around. Santa’s traditional attire has changed quite a bit over the centuries, and some of those suits may not even fit him anymore. (Hey, we all used to be thinner at one time or another.)

Reindeer Tack and Supplies – You don’t hook eight reindeer – even tiny ones – to a sleigh without bits, bridles, reins, blankets, and all the other accoutrements that go with keeping draught animals.

Chimney Sweeping Equipment – How could Santa come down all those chimneys while keeping his red-and-white suit so spotlessly clean if he didn’t keep the chimneys swept out as he goes? Besides the long brushes and things that are used to actually clean a chimney, conscientious modern chimney sweeps also use drop cloths and HEPA filter vacuums to keep them from making a mess.

All Those Old Naughty and Nice Lists – Every business has to retain customer records, right? And Santa probably needs to refer to all those old lists from time to time. Plus, Santa gets a lot of correspondence, and we just know that he doesn’t throw any of it away. His climate-controlled self storage unit is probably full of old letters from kids all over the world.

Toy Prototypes – Santa no longer sends them to the Island of Misfit Toys, but all those toy prototypes have to go somewhere.

Old Exercise Equipment – Like most of us, Santa has probably tried to drop a few pounds in the off season more than once. He probably keeps all those old rowers and treadmills and ab crunchers in a self storage unit.

Parade Gear – You typically see Santa in the Macy’s parade each year. Sometimes he’s on a float, sometimes he’s in his sleigh, and sometimes he’s in a fancy car. He must have someplace to keep all those things the rest of the year, and vehicle self storage would be just the ticket.

Tons of Unused Wrapping Supplies – All those gifts under the tree don’t just wrap themselves, after all. However much unused wrapping paper, gift bags, boxes, ribbons, and bows you may have in your Oklahoma self storage unit, Santa probably has a whole lot more!

Coal – Sure, most of the time Santa leaves nice presents in the stockings of good children, but there’s bound to be a few lumps of coal here and there. That stuff is sooty, though, and you don’t want it just lying around the house. Santa probably keeps his coal supply somewhere off-site.

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