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moving to moore oklahoma self storage

10 Things to Know Before Moving to Moore, Oklahoma

Whether it’s college kids moving back home, people moving for work or family, or the usual moves that come with military service, a lot of people move in the summertime. If you’re moving to Moore, Oklahoma this summer, whether it’s into a temporary apartment or into your forever home, here are 10 things to know […]

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oklahoma college students self storage

Self-Storage to the Rescue for Returning College Students

It’s that time of year again. School’s out for summer, and college kids are returning home with piles of dirty laundry and all the stuff that they cleaned out of their dorm rooms. The vast majority of college students live a sort of nomadic lifestyle, moving from one kind of campus housing to another during […]

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self storage in oklahoma how to

How to Use Self-Storage in Oklahoma

Using a self-storage facility seems pretty self-explanatory, right? You rent a unit, then you fill it with all the stuff that you want to keep, but don’t want cluttering up your house, attic, or garage. But like with anything, there are better and worse ways to use self-storage in Oklahoma, and if you follow some […]

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choosing self storage in moore oklahoma

Choosing the Right Self Storage in Moore for Your Needs

Renting a self-storage unit seems pretty simple, but there’s actually a lot of thought that should go into it before you choose the self-storage unit that’s right for you. A lot that can go wrong if you don’t think ahead! If you’re renting a storage unit for the first time, if you’ve had bad experiences […]

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climate controlled self storage in moore

Who Can Benefit from Climate-Controlled Self-Storage in Moore Oklahoma?

Maybe you’re considering climate-controlled self-storage in Moore, Oklahoma, but you’re not sure whether you really need climate-controlled self-storage, or whether other “traditional” storage would suffice. You may ask yourself, what is climate-controlled self-storage, and who uses it? Fortunately, both of those questions have fairly simple answers. Climate-controlled self-storage is, simply put, storage where environmental conditions […]

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calculate self storage in oklahoma

How Do You Calculate How Much Self-Storage Space You’ll Need?

Here at Storage ‘R’ Us, we hear from a lot of folks who are using self-storage for the first time, so we get asked a lot of questions. One of the most common questions that we get is, “How do I figure out how much storage space I’ll need?” Maybe you’re moving to a new […]

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new public self storage in newcastle oklahoma

Self-Storage in Newcastle Oklahoma is On Track for a 2015 Opening!

Storage ‘R’ Us is excited to announce we’ll be joining the Newcastle community, offering self-storage in Newcastle Oklahoma! Construction on our new Highway 37 facility is underway and moving along, and will likely be completed by the end of 2015, which isn’t far off! Our newest location offers self-storage in Newcastle, Oklahoma and will join […]

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oklahoma self storage spring cleaning

Let Self-Storage Help You with Your Spring Cleaning

After another long winter, spring has finally sprung here in Oklahoma! While Daylight Savings Time may not be very popular with all of us when we lose an hour of sleep, there’s no denying that it signals the beginning of spring, bringing with it longer days and warmer weather. Spring also means that it’s time […]

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climate controlled self storage ideas

Innovative Uses for Your Self-Storage Unit

Whether you already have a self-storage unit or are just considering trying one out, you may be asking yourself, “What should I put in it?” Of course, the most obvious answer is: “Anything you’re not using or need to get out of the way.” A self-storage unit is a great way to tidy up your […]

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climate controlled self storage tax season

Climate Controlled Self-Storage Can Help You Get Organized For Tax Season

While it isn’t exactly a holiday, there’s one date in April no one is likely to forget: April 15th, the deadline for filing your taxes. While many of us may wait until the last possible minute to get all that paperwork sent out to the IRS, we also probably wish we’d made it a point […]

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