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Oklahoma self storage for the new year

New Beginnings: The Unseen Benefits of Self Storage in the New Year

With a new year right around the corner, many of us are looking forward to new beginnings, new opportunities, and the chance for positive changes in our lives. As we write our New Year’s resolutions, we’re looking for ways to improve our lives and our homes. As your Oklahoma self-storage experts here at Storage ‘R’ […]

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Storing Your Holiday Essentials

Holidays Made Easy: A Guide to Storing Your Holiday Essentials

Even though Halloween is just around the corner, stores across Oklahoma are already stocking their aisles with Thanksgiving and Christmas décor. This hurried transition as stores compete to be “first to market” reminds us that the holiday season is already in full swing. This festive period between Halloween and New Year’s Day is always busy […]

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Seasonal Storage Solutions in Oklahoma

Preparing for the Holidays: Seasonal Storage Solutions in Oklahoma

Fall is finally on its way! Now that the nights are growing cooler and the days are becoming shorter, everyone across Oklahoma recognizes the signs: The holiday season is fast approaching. Halloween kicks off the holiday season, and many people already have their skeletons, ghosts, tombstones, and cobwebs ready to go for the spookiest night […]

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Self storage university student Oklahoma

Student Moves: Why Self-Storage in Oklahoma is Your Best Friend This Autumn

As summer winds down and autumn approaches, the campuses at the University of Oklahoma in Norman and Oklahoma State University in Stillwater come alive with students returning for classes. The beginning of a new college semester is always an exciting time, but it also brings the challenge of finding someplace to store all your belongings, […]

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Minimalism and self storage in Oklahoma

Embracing Minimalism: Self-Storage and the Journey to a Clutter-Free Home

Minimalism isn’t just a popular buzzword, and it’s not just about owning fewer items. It’s a way of life that’s about appreciating what you do have and making the most of it without burying yourself in clutter. It’s about keeping only what you love and use regularly and enjoying the freedom that comes with clearing […]

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Strange and unusual requests for self storage in Oklahoma

The Top 10 Most Unusual Questions About Using Self Storage in Oklahoma

Here at Storage ‘R’ Us, we’ve been providing self-storage in Oklahoma since 1972, when our first location opened on E. Gore Blvd. in Lawton. Over the decades, we’ve pretty much seen and heard it all. There are very few questions that you could possibly ask about how to use your Oklahoma self-storage unit that we […]

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Track your belongings in self storage

Best Ways to Keep Track of Everything in Your Self-Storage Unit

Did you know? For the average homeowner in Oklahoma—or anywhere else in the United States, for that matter—having a self-storage unit is as common as owning a dog. It’s true! Roughly 40% of U.S. homeowners have a dog, and that’s the same percentage of homeowners who make use of a self-storage unit to store furniture, […]

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Oklahoma self storage for children's toys

Self Storage in Oklahoma Can Help You Safely Store All That Kid Stuff

Babies are tiny, but they need an enormous amount of stuff, and that amount only increases as they grow. As soon as kids join our families, the clothing begins to fill up the closets, the toys start to pile up, and our homes suddenly get awfully cluttered. And that’s just the stuff that’s indoors. We […]

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Self storage all year around in Oklahoma

Self Storage to the Rescue All Year Long

Self storage in Lawton can benefit homeowners and businesses in Oklahoma all year long. Whether you need to store lawn and garden equipment during the winter months or put away holiday decorations when they aren’t in season, you’ll find countless things that your self storage unit can do for you throughout the year. Here’s a […]

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business office storage oklahoma

Top 10 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Self Storage in Oklahoma

Big or small, serving a broad audience or a niche interest, every business can benefit from improved organization. Whether you need additional office space, a place to store inventory, a temporary workshop to fill seasonal orders, or space for tools and equipment that you’re not using right now, self storage in Oklahoma may be the […]

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